Growing up, I didn’t think politics had anything to do with me. 

As the daughter of immigrants from Taiwan, the government felt like a task reserved only for the “men in suits”. As an academic exercise, my teammates and I acted as Congress, debating the merits of bills and policies.  Over the years, I realized the effect of federal policy on each and every one of us. Traveling across the country, I saw all parts of American society, people of all different backgrounds, socio-economic statuses, and perspectives. Through our study of America’s founding principles, I found that America’s strength is found within – her people, her laws, and her industries.

As a teenager, I founded an educational consulting company, Courageous Communications. To better serve my students, I pursued an MBA from San Jose State University and am now engaged in a PhD in Instructional Design and Technology from Liberty University. Through various service trips, I’ve visited Asia and Africa, finding heartbreaking stories of women and children caught in exploitation. I wept, hoping that one day I could speak for them. This summer, I watched a film called “Sound of Freedom”, which is about child sex trafficking in the United States. Sitting in the theater, my gut tightened – and I knew I could no longer stay silent. The atrocities happening overseas were present in my backyard. So, hoping to be voice for the voiceless, I jumped into the race. 

Along the journey, I found more and more people who felt voiceless. Parents who felt disengaged from their childrens’ educational path. Residents who feel unsafe in their own neighborhoods. Small business owners whose livelihoods are being crushed by crime. Youth who feel anxious about the future. Faith communities who feel their freedoms constricting. Immigrant populations who feel unable to voice their concerns. 

I can empathize with these frustrations at a gut-level. I know the urge to say something and the fear that we won’t be heard. My experience and training has given me an ear to listen to all members of society and a voice to reflect our deepest concerns and greatest hopes. I believe as we unite our voices together, we will dispel the myth that politics is only for the “men in suits”. It’s for all of us. It would be my honor to represent your voice in Congress, to fight for our homes, our families, and our communities.