Burning Heart Doctrine

The Burning Heart Doctrine is Anita's personal framework for evaluating policy. The five principles are: Inherent Dignity, Individual Responsibility, Reflective Law, Community Healing, Human Flourishing. 

Inherent Dignity

The concept of human dignity is enshrined in our declaration of independence, which states, "We believe these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights." This profound idea, serving as the opening words of our young nation, set us on a path where every individual, regardless of their skin color, ethnic background, economic status, or personal identity, could secure the blessings of liberty for themselves. Human dignity lies at the heart of our policy considerations because  every person deserves "equal justice under law." Upholding human dignity entails pursuing policies that affirm and uplift our inherent worth and value.

Individual Responsibilty

One of the great gifts of living in this country is freedom and liberty. Freedom and liberty are two concepts that are closely related but distinct. Lord Acton once said, "Liberty is not the power of doing what we like, but the right of being able to do what we ought." In our country, we are granted the freedom to choose our words, our associations, and our identities. However, this freedom does not give us the right to harm others. We must recognize that our actions have consequences, and we are responsible for those consequences. The truest expression of our liberty, sustained by responsibility, is not to do as we want, but to do what we ought.

Reflective Law

Reflective law stipulates that we critically examine the existing laws and policies, and its effect on the individual level. Reflective law also necessitates the elimination of harmful laws that do not uphold our nation's dedication to human dignity and equal protection under the law. Only by acknowledging the inherent beauty and dignity of every individual and reflecting these values in our laws can we establish a society that is both prosperous and just for all.

Community Healing

Community healing acknowledges the pain and suffering our communities experience and looks for solutions beyond government programs. Local-level organizations, like charities that provide support for the unhoused, non-profits that establish tutoring programs for tutoring children, and groups that promote racial harmony. These are the solutions that will bring about community healing. Healing wounds takes time, and it can only be achieved by addressing the problem holistically at the community level.

Human Flourishing

Human flourishing is a world where every person is acknowledged for their uniqueness, talents, and beauty. It involves the establishment of laws that uplift and recognize the inherent worth of individuals, enabling their growth and fulfillment. By working together and recognizing the dignity within each person, we can create a society that overcomes our deepest traumas and fosters personal and communal flourishing. This pursuit requires policies that uphold the rule of law, promote societal harmony, and foster economic prosperity.