Anita's current thinking regarding her priorities are outlined below along with potential avenues for solutions. 

Dignity Restoration

Dignity Restoration: I stand for a justice system that affirms the dignity of all individuals, particularly those caught in cycles of exploitation. So often, our justice system has failed to serve the most vulnerable among us and our goal as a society and nation must be to protect them through our legal systems. 

Community Safety

Community Safety: I stand for a government that provides community safety through robust local law enforcement and a firm stance against crime. Government's role in enforcing laws is crucial, as failure undermines safety and trust. While local issues must be addressed locally, issues of national importance demand federal support for community safety.

Educational Freedom

Educational Freedom: I stand for an educational system that prioritizes the role of parents in their child's education. Parents should have the right to choose how, where, when and what their children learn until adulthood. States, not the federal government, should set education standards, and local entities along with parental oversight  should govern school decisions.