On the Issues

Public Safety

 As stipulated by the Constitution, government is to “provide for the common defense” of the people. Public safety is one of the highest priorities of civil government, creating a safe environment in which communities can thrive. State, local, and federal policies must work together to create a place where people can feel safe and build their futures.


Property rights are fundamental to all other freedoms, as established by the Fifth Amendment. Both the rights of housing providers' rights to protect their property and tenants’ rights to be free from discrimination must be protected.  In partnership with local governments, affordable housing initiatives should be led community-based organizations.


Parents are their children’s first teachers and their governance over their children’s educational path materializes in school choice, parental rights, and local governance of education. To prepare for a 21st century work environment, students must also receive interdisciplinary education that builds on a strong foundation of English, Math, and STEM.


A nation's resources, including natural resources, are intended to benefit its citizenry. The government has a responsibility to protect the environment, while meeting the needs of the people who live in it. Strengthening domestic production of energy, particularly in natural gas, nuclear energy, hydroelectric power, and various forms of renewable energy paves the path for energy independence and economic development.


Sustainable economies are expanded through private investment, industry, and innovation. In contrast, inflationary spending burdens small business owners and taxpayers while hampering economic growth. Unnecessary regulation and litigation further stifles growth, while legitimate regulation establishes safeguards for fair guidelines for industry competition domestically and abroad. 


 Technology advances human societies, improving access to a broad range of services, such as healthcare, higher education, and transportation. Within ethical and privacy safeguards, embrace of technological progress can usher new generation of innovation for the betterment of society. As labor-intensive roles are replaced with technology, continual career development leads to both dignified work and economic development.